Gardening and activities related to plants and nature have revealed especially beneficial for people with physical and mental disabilities. Learning how to take care of a garden helps to improve the quality of life of people with mental disorders. How? By developing cognitive skills, increasing their self-esteem, improving their memory and communication skills and promoting a healthy life in harmony with nature. This is what the HORGANIC project aims to achieve. HORGANIC is a gardening training course specifically taught for adults suffering from mental illness that will be complemented by an innovative sociodrama technique approach. Some of the exercises and role play will help the participants to develop or improve social skills that a conventional course will not address.


Four European organizations, Fundación INTRAS (Spain), OZARA d.o.o. (Slovenia), CJD (Germany) and the Mental Health Center “Prof. N. Shipkovenski” (Bulgaria) are working during three years on developing the instructional materials and testing them in three different locations throughout Europe with the support of the Lifelong Learning programme Grundtvig sub-programme of the European Union (2012-2015).

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