Choosing organic food is an intelligent, preventative and logical decision. Your body and the natural environment will be happy that you bet on organic food! 

  1. No chemical additives: As a result, we will achieve high quality final products. Eating organic products is rewarded by an excellent taste of the product. 
  2. Improving the immune system: This kind of food makes you stronger and will hinder the emergence of diseases due to poor nutrition.
  3. Being respectful with the natural environment: The production of this kind of food is much more sustainable and will benefit the general society in the long term. 
  4. Real products: The colour, texture and taste of the organic food are real! No chemical process can match the feeling for your palate and your eye.
  5. Promote traditional agriculture: You will help traditional farmers and their families and they will be able to continue living as they do now, in harmony with the nature.
  6. They have to fulfil strict quality controls: Even if they are a little bit more expensive, it is well justify due to the serious controls the high quality they offer us and the fair price paid to the agriculture. 
  7. You can also find organic meat: Being organic is not only for fruits or vegetables; you can also find organic pork or cow meat, bred respectfully and in harmony with the environment. 
  8. Prevent from global warming: This is one of the most important problems of our today’s society, so anything we can do to fight against it will be very welcome. 
  9. Eating as your grandparents did: Your grandparents enjoyed healthy food, eating organic food is like travelling through time and find old and real tastes. 
  10. Eating seasonal food: Eating foods in their natural stage will give you a better taste and authenticity, since foods available in the supermarket during all the year are away from reality and do not possess the elements of the real product.

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