81 teaching units for trainers and participants combining theoretic and practical knowledge have been developed by the experienced gardeners of CJD Frechen in Germany. The units are giving useful background information on how to perform the units, giving hints to special weather conditions and further information which might be interesting for the participants, as receipts with the harvested vegetables or historical events connected to the vegetables. Some of the units vary in their length as it might occur that there are delays in the performing of the units and this shall avoid an overall delay of the gardening course. Furthermore, there are “joker units”, which are not connected to any weather conditions and can be switched to any time of the course. The units have been explained by the CJD Frechen gardeners to the guests from Slovenia and Spain. Some of them have been tested during the trainers training last February (see pictures) and possible difficulties which might occur have been discussed. The units, improved after the pilot experiences, will form the HORGANIC handbook that will make possible to repeat the training course in other institutions and thus benefit a lot of people amongst Europe.  

Everybody is now really looking forward to the first reports and pictures from the pilot training courses in Spain, Germany and Slovenia.

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