From 17th to 21st February, HORGANIC trainers met in CJD headquarters (Frechen, Germany) to be intensively trained in all the required things to be a perfect HORGANIC trainer. They worked very hard and the experience, as they declared, was amazing! 

Most of the experiential learning exercises were explained and implemented by the expert from the Mental Health Centre Professor N. Shipkovenski, so future HORGANIC trainers had the opportunity to solve any possible doubt or question that they might have about the sessions to improve social skills and learning. Although most of them didn’t have previous experience in socio-drama and psycho-drama techniques, the approach and explanations given by the experts allowed them to understand everything and to have a clear idea of the work that they are going to do with the HORGANIC participants.  

The CJD expert gardeners gave tips and advices about the best way to implement the gardening tasks and taught how to organize the group to take the best of each session. There are a lot of things to learn about gardening, but each training unit is explained in detail, so it will be very easy to organize the HORGANIC training course in each of the partners’ organizations carrying out the pilot experiences. 

The nice atmosphere during the training allowed an enriching international exchange of experiences and knowledge. Also a trainers’ network has been created, so they will keep in contact during all HORGANIC life, a big family of HORGANIC professionals.

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