CJD BBW Frechen is a vocational training center in Germany where more than 260 young adults are currently doing a vocational training, which is officially acknowledged by the chamber of commerce and agriculture. Around 50 of the young adults are currently doing a training course in gardening and horticulture. Asking the young adults for their decision to do the gardening training in CJD BBW Frechen, it is getting clear that they see the valuable knowledge in gardening they might use in their daily life as well. For young people having learning disabilities, gardening is a great opportunity to learn step by step, to take over the responsibility, as for instance taking care of the plants, detecting plant diseases or learning about their special characteristics. Furthermore, they follow the life cycle of plants; from sowing/planting them until harvesting, they realize that every single decision affects the growing of each plant. Gardening is a very much diversified work, you have to adapt to circumstances, for example, you plan to do any gardening task but maybe weather conditions (e.g. unexpected freezing, storm or heat) makes it impossible to carry out your idea. Our trainees realize that gardening is like life, you have to be flexible and make the most of the opportunities that it offers to you.


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