There are numerous reasons to prefer organic foods. Eating biological fruits and vegetables brings a lot of benefices to our body.

Avoid exposure to chemistry

When we realize that our food allows our body and brain to function, it is common sense to avoid pesticide exposure trying not to eat chemical components. The food grown without synthetic chemicals is safer and healthier to consume. A diet rich in organic products reduces the contact with pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers.


A good quality soil gives lots of nutrients to the plants. Thus, organic fruits and vegetables are nutritionally richer that the common plants treated with pesticides. These nutrients make our food better, as we receive more antioxidants and vitamins. Antioxidants preserve our health by preventing cellular damage, offering protection against stress, inflammation, heart diseases and cancer.


People who try organic food strongly believe that their taste is better than non-organic food. Fruits and vegetables have been grown naturally with enough time to be full of natural flavor. Using them, meals become a wonderful time of discovery and benefits. Organic food is also an opportunity to introduce forgotten and traditional varieties and thus diversify the meals, keeping the old flavor of meals.

Eating local products

Ideally, the biological product should be consumed as fresh as possible to offer all its nutritional qualities. Always try to choose locally grown products. They are fresher and more nutritious. Time between picking and the meal affects nutritional content of fruits and vegetables. The shorter is the road, the better is the food. Also, you will reduce the carbon footprint, reducing the carbon emission and saving energy.




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