A lot has been achieved since the starting of the HORGANIC training course in Slovenia. The participants have become familiar with the importance of a seed and its development into a plant. They have also become well acquainted with the tools as well, and they use them regularly when working in the garden. To date we have tried to cover all the basic aspects of gardening from sowing, bedding out, planning, maintaining and caring for the garden and plants. Due to the cold and rainy weather during the spring we managed to sow only potatoes in boxes but work in the garden had to be delayed until the end of May.

But now we can already see the growing plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, onions, beetroot, zucchini and salad. We have already harvested our first crops and prepared ourselves a delicious, light summer meal. The garden is being maintained regularly. Even more, one of the participants who lives nearby, waters the plants even during the weekend.

The participants really enjoy gardening. They are especially enthusiastic about the garden work itself, where they cooperate well and help each other all the time. The sessions take place in a relaxed and often fun atmosphere. Some issues can arise occasionally when having theoretical lessons, because there is more and longer lasting concentration needed. There are also some minor issues in written and spoken understanding of instructions, therefore these take slightly more time than planned. But we adjust the work to the needs of the participants and to their current moods. We are all looking forward to harvesting new crops and to the nice weather.

Along with the gardening sessions, there are also Friday sessions with action methods based on theatre techniques to improve social skills. With the help of gardening the participants are trained in role playing, expressing their opinion and feelings, and in speaking. Sometimes role playing is demanding because one is not used to it. But the participants are motivated for cooperation and therefore with joint forces we progress well, especially in exposing oneself and one’s opinion, but also in accepting the opinions and feelings of other participants. With this one gains a sense of self-worth and becomes more and more courageous in expressing oneself. We laugh a lot and have fun, so that we conclude each working week in a good mood.

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