This time the partners from Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, and Slovenia organised a meeting in Maribor, Slovenia, where as partners within the framework of the project HORGANIC we dedicated our time to the following contents:

  • Overview of work done so far.
  • Development of a manual for the teachers and a textbook for the learners within the field of gardening and horticulture.
  • Implementation of pilot training in the coming year.
  • Preparation of DVD  to include examples of the training.
  • Further website development as one of the supporting tools for trainers and mentors, learners and organisations involved in the adult education process.
  • Visiting the disability company OZARA d.o.o. and their activities dedicated to the integration of persons with disabilities into the labour market.


The discussions were extremely productive. We concluded them with new and fruitful guidelines for the finalisation of the training materials and the selection of participants and mentors for the implementation of pilot training starting in March 2014 in Slovenia, Spain, and Germany.

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