Brussels, May 13-14th 2013 - The European Council of Ministers of Agriculture, held on under the presidency of Mr. Simon Coveney, Irish Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, took a big step during this meeting about organic sector.

Does European Union will be greener? It seems that yes! These 13 and 14th May, the European Council of Ministers of Agriculture took big decisions about the development of organic sector. The Council encourages member states and the European Commission to work on the development of organic farming in "an ambitious level".

The Council members note that suitable progress has been made in the development of the organic sector and the protection of consumers. But they put the finger on some problems too. Points to improve concerns: the organic production methods, the need to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market or the control system.

The European Council of Ministers of Agriculture also listed recommended actions for organic agriculture. Among them: take measures to protect the reputation of the organic industry, encourage the promotion of the organic sector, improve communication between regulations organisms, satisfy the consumer expectations, increase consumption of organic or harmonize the EU logo to increase the recognition of organic products.

According to these measures, the bio sector in the European Union will continue to respond to the increasing demand for organic. EU farmers will be encouraged to produce goods while protecting the nature, rural development and animal wellbeing.

Organic sector has a bright future ahead of him! Initiatives like HORGANIC have their place in this new European landscape that emerges in front of us. 



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